Art Week

Art Week

This week we looked at the work of Courtney Mattison who’s artwork uses shells.  We then thought about the UN goal to conserve and use sustainably the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

We used sand, shells, glitter, stones and glue to do our own versions of this.

We looked at videos and images to see how our waste has been affecting the oceans and we talked about how to stop this.

To demonstrate how the irresponsible use of plastic can damage our oceans, we then stuck plastic rubbish onto our canvases and displayed them in the hall for the Art Exhibition.

Watch this video to see our project and to think about looking after the oceans.

Trains, Trucks and Rockets

Trains, Trucks and Rockets

Welcome to  Spring Term 1!

It has been great to welcome our new Nursery Children to the Class and see our older children looking out for them and helping them settle in.

We have enjoyed starting our new topic and role-playing in the garage.

We have again practised our turn taking skills whilst sharing the bikes.  We are developing our gross motor skills through this as well as balancing on the obstacle courses we have built.

Our RE story was about the friends that brought a paralysed man to Jesus for him to heal.  Jesus healed him so he could walk again because he was touched by his friend’s faith.  The children discussed how Jesus could do this, giving answers such as “he is magic”, “he is God” he has super powers”.  The children made lego houses and people out of pipecleaners to re-enact the story . 

Light Party

Light Party

On Thursday 31st October, we thought about light and reflected that Jesus’ light and power was far stronger than any scary monster or power that they might talk about at Halloween.

The children came into the darkened classroom to see the light-up balloons. After playing with them, we used them to  practise catching, counting and our prepositions; placing the balloons “on top” of our heads, “in between our legs” etc.

We also decorated gingerbread men. Icing them in white colours with bright stars linking to the Light theme.  We then enjoyed tasting them and talking about our experiences.

The children have had to develop their risk-taking skills as well as their perseverance when climbing on the big apparatus and building their own obstacle course with the staging blocks.

In order to build the obstacle course, the children had to carry the blocks very carefully in pairs showing great teamwork and good control.


The sandpit has again turned into a fish pond, giving us a chance to practise our hand control using the fishing rods and our number skills by recognising the numerals.

We welcome our class fish: Leonard to the Nursery.  Soon he will be getting some more plants and some fish friends.  The children have enjoyed observing his mouth move, sketching him and taking it in turns to feed him.

Week 2

Week 2

We are very impressed with how much the children have settled in this week.  They are following the classroom routines of sitting on the  carpet, listening to stories, washing their hands for fruit time, to name but a few.

Our January starters have set a wonderful example for their new class mates and have played well with their new friends.

This week our focus has been on assessing where the children are at according to the Development Matters Documents in regard to Physical Development, Communication and Language and Number.  Here are some photos of a few of these activities.

Showing control using tools, such as the hammer and pin set, paintbrushes…

Being able to climb safely on the Nursery equipment and apparatus.

Welcome to our new Nursery Class!

Welcome to our new Nursery Class!

We are really excited to welcome back our previous Nursery students and meet our new ones. 

This week we have had fun exploring the learning environment and making new friends.  Here are some pictures from Thursday.

And some more classroom activity on Friday…

Congratulations everyone.  You’ve completed your first week at St Leonard’s Nursery!!

Summer Term Week 3

Summer Term Week 3

Making Egg and Cress Sandwiches

Having wondered at how fast our cress seeds grew in the classroom, we decided to put the cress to good use and make egg and cress sandwiches.  This was a great opportunity for the children to practise their fine motor skills; cutting the eggs, and spreading the egg mayonnaise.  They felt very grown up doing this!  It also gave us a chance to discuss what things were healthy to eat, what things  we like to eat as well as discuss good hygiene practices like washing our hands before touching the food.

Watch the video to see us in action…


Making Sandwiches Video from stleonards on Vimeo.

How Exercise Affects Our Bodies

Continuing our focus on health and Self Care this week we have been thinking about how exercise affects our bodies.  We used an aerobics video to help us exercise.  The children loved it.  Later in the morning some children decided to build hurdles out of the Giant Polydrons.  The children were very proficient in jumping over them and took on board the rules about lining up and only one person jumping at a time.

Watch this video to see just some of our exercise this week.


Exercise Video from stleonards on Vimeo.


The first two weeks of the Summer Term

The first two weeks of the Summer Term

Goodbye Frogs

We ventured out the school pond and set our frogs and tadpoles free.  We realised we were no longer able to read them (without buying flightless flies) and so we allowed them to live in their natural habitat.  The children were excited to see the pond and know what happened to them.  We sang 2 little specked frogs as we watched the last too sit on the rock.

Plants and Flowers

Our topic for this term is “Plants and Flowers”. We began by planting lots of seeds…

Growing Cress

We each planted our own cup of cress and were excited to see the stems and leaves shoot up!  Next week we hope to make egg and cress sandwiches!

The Enormous Turnip

This was one of our first stories and the children engaged whole heartedly with it.  They thought of ideas of how to pull the turnip up and then we acted it out.

Later when some children were weeding our garden in preparation for planting sunflower seeds, to our surprise and delight  we pulled out a carrot.

Having cleared out the weeds (and carrots) we planted some sunflower seeds.  Lets hope they grow before the end of term!

Mark Making

Connecting to our theme of Flowers we wrote our names on flowers.  Some of us could write our names without copying!  Some of us are still working on our pen grip, but we all have fun mark making

Art Exhibition

The children have painted flowers for the School Exhibition.  They experimented with water colour, poster paint, using their fingers, paintbrushes and even forks.  Watch this space to hear when you can buy their paintings.

Physical Development

This week we have focused on being able to bounce and catch a ball.  Some of us could even count the bounces learning that its not just objects that can be counted.  We also practised throwing small balls into hoops.  It’s lovely to see the children’s sense of achievement when they get it in!

A little more of Nursery Activity

The children always have such a range of activities to play with we cannot show you all the photos!

Have a good weekend.